Help our Arks of Life Grow... 

The survival of extinct-in-the-wild plant and animal species directly depends upon ex-situ cultures being maintained for the future, allowing the preservation of genetically distinct lineages to conserve bio-diversity. Help save a species, and support our efforts to establish and organise permanent and comprehensive collections of extinct plant and animal species to stop extinction of vulnerable wildlife.

All of the institutions that house the existing arks of life depend upon the legal acquisition of imperilled plants and animals, through donations or purchases, to build their permanent collections as ex-situ conservation resources.

If you have legally established cultures any of the plant or animal species that our existing collections aim to conserve, and you are willing to donate or sell distinct lineages not already in our collections, please contact the Ark of Life team through the contact page of the website. 

If you have a lineage of an imperilled plant or animal in our arks of life, but are unable to donate, please nevertheless register your culture with Ark of Life so that we may include your culture in our breeding progammes.

Thank you for your help...

Stewart McPherson

Stewart McPherson, founder of Ark of Life, undertaking research in the Guiana Highlands.